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With a positive outlook and an ability to age comfortably at home, you’re empowered to keep living your life to its fullest

  • Chronic disease management
    Developing treatment plans for chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Doctors Visits
    Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team offer a range of services that ensure you are taken care of in the comfort of your home Our Services Doctors visits and beyond evaluation: Doctor consultations Injections and IV therapy Full laboratory services Physiotherapy
  • 24/7 Home Nursing Services
    24/7 Home services by trained and qualified nurses from King Faisal Specialist Hospital.
  • Physiotherapy services
    this service facilitates movement and avoids muscle weakness within the comfort of your home: A multi-stream electric device: including an electrical frequency for treating pain, and a frequency for relieving the inflammatory tumor...
  • Foot care services
    Diabetic foot: This is done by surgical consultants who specialize in this field.
  • Intravenous solutions services
    The service involves the administration of intravenous fluids and medications. Because of today’s technology, IV therapy can now be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Tube feeding installation services
    For some patients, transitioning from the hospital to the home requires adjusting to enteral feeding. Learning how to properly use and clean feeding tubes is an important task that may be completed by nurses and caregivers...
  • Follow-up breathing
    This is through a respiratory therapist who makes rehabilitation and training visits for patients with breathing problems. Our expert nurses play an instrumental role in the treatment of patients who are suffering from respiratory problems...
  • Helping the patient with personal hygiene
    Good personal hygiene helps the patient maintain a sense of dignity and independence. Assisting the patient with personal hygiene or doing these tasks for them also gives the patient a sense of safety and security; the patient will be assured
  • Urinary catheter and urethritis care services.
    Urinary catheters are important for patients who are reliant on it even for short amounts of time. Nursing for patients using Urinary Catheter would involve cleaning the catheter, emptying and changing the drainage bags.
  • Bed sore care services
    Bed sores remain a significant healthcare concern, especially in the elderly and immobile population. A good prevention and treatment handled by expert nurses is obligatory to avoid bed sores that can easily infect and lead to more morbidity.
  • Vital Signs Follow-up Services for Extended Care Patients
    A home health nurse provides skilled services in keeping with a physician’s plan of care for a home health care patient. These services may include the following: Taking the patient’s vitals Administering pain medication Completing medical treatments Recording symptoms in
  • Testimonials

    “I am very pleased that I chose Wid Homecare. Their commitment to client care and integrity of their staff make families of loved ones completely at ease knowing that they are being looked after the way a family member would look after them. ”

    Hady Abelwahed KSA
  • Testimonials

    “From the initial phone contact when I spoke to Marwan our Account Manager, I found Wid to be a caring and professional service. You demonstrated your patience and concern for my mother’s situation, and you were open to feedback.”

    Amna Adel KSA
  • Testimonials

    “In essence, I am happy to say that Wid Homecare are our “extended family.” I would highly recommend Wid to anyone who asks for in-home care as they are, in my opinion, the best and most trusted in their field.
    I wish to acknowledge the superb contributions to my mother’s safety and well-being made by the people of Wid Homecare. Not only did you arrange for her care on very short notice, but every caregiver who came to the house was well prepared for her difficult work. Thank you for taking on the task and performing it in a superior manner.”

    Manal Wajed KSA